Shinyosha, Portable Shrine Building

This building was built as a temporary prayer hall at the Nikko Toshogu in 1617. Unlike the gorgeously decorated buildings of Nikko, the plain wood of this building is a reminder of the original Nikko Toshogu, pre-dating the rebuilding of the Nikko Toshogu in the 1630s. Three portable shrines, or mikoshi, are housed inside the building.

The mikoshi are used at Nikko Futarasan Shrine during the annual Yayoi Festival to welcome the start of spring, which takes place between April 13 and April 17 every year. The deities normally enshrined in the main shrine are transferred to these mikoshi and borne out of the building in procession.

From left to right the mikoshi temporarily enshrine the deities Ajisukitakahikone no Mikoto, Onamuchi no Mikoto, and Tagorihime no Mikoto.