Nikko Futarasan Chugushi Shrine

Chugushi Shrine is part of Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine. Futarasan-jinja Shrine was originally established on the summit of Mt. Nantai by the monk and mountain ascetic Shodo Shonin (735–817) in 782. Originally, Mt. Nantai was called Mt. Futara, and the characters for “futara” can be read as “niko.” Eventually “niko” became “nikko” giving this region its name. Futarasan-jinja’s grounds cover over 3,400 hectares in Nikko—including Chugushi Shrine, located on the shore of Lake Chuzenji; a small shrine on top of Mt. Nantai; Kegon Falls; Iroha road; and the mountains of Nikko National Park.
The Tachiki Kannon (Boddhisatva of Mercy) located in Chuzenji Temple was originally enshrined at Chugushi but it was moved across the lake to Chuzenji after a landslide in 1902.

Chugushi Shrine Highlights

Every day shrine maidens perform kagura, or sacred dances, to the Shinto deity enshrined here, Onamuchi-no-Mikoto. Onamuchi-no-Mikoto, also known as Okuni-sama, is a major deity in the Japanese pantheon and is associated with good fortune.

Worship Hall and Inner Sanctuary
Both buildings were completed in 1701 and are designated Important Cultural Properties. The main deities of Futarasan-jinja are enshrined in the inner sanctuary, and rites and ceremonies are held in the worship hall.

Seven Lucky Gods
Connected to Chugushi Shrine’s main deity, Onamuchi-no-Mikoto (Okuni-sama), the Seven Lucky Gods are worshipped within the shrine precincts.

Entrance to Mt. Nantai
The entrance to the path to the summit of Mt. Nantai is just beyond the main shrine buildings. The path is about 6 kilometers long and is open from April 25 to November 11.

Futarasan-jinja Shrine Museum
The Futarasan-jinja Shrine Museum contains a collection of swords, including Japan’s longest sword, Nenekirimaru (Important Cultural Property). Other treasures on display are three portable shrines (mikoshi) from the fourteenth century and objects uncovered at the summit of Mt. Nantai (Important Cultural Properties).

Chugushi Inari-jinja Shrine
Inside the grounds of Chugushi is an Inari shrine to Ukanomitama-no-Kami, a deity associated with a good harvest. Ukanomitama-no-Kami is also worshipped as a god that can ensure success in business.