Worship Hall and Inner Sanctuary

Shinto Shrines have two main buildings, a worship hall (haiden) and an inner sanctuary (honden). The haiden is usually larger than the honden as it is where religious rites are conducted, and worshippers are allowed to gather.
The honden of Chugushi Shrine was built in 1701 and houses the spirit of Mt. Nantai. It is used for ceremonies centered around the worship of Mt. Nantai. During the Mt. Nantai Ascension Festival, held every July 31 through August 7, the sacred object of worship is moved to the shrine at the top of the mountain. This makes it possible for believers to pray before the deity directly and is the only festival like it in Japan.
The curved gables of the honden and the haiden are characteristic of Japanese shrines and temples. The brilliant red lacquer that covers the building is mainly iron oxide, which is highly weather resistant. Both buildings are designated Important Cultural Properties.